Low Temperature and Strong Magnetic Field Laboratory is situated in the sub terrain floor (room 011) of the Department of Physics. Research is conducted using high magnetic fileds (up to 18 T), and low temperatures (down to 0.3 K). We investigate magnetotransport properties (resistance, magnetoresistance, Hall effect) of various materials (low dimensional conductors, oxide heterostructures,…).

LTSMFL  is equiped with:

  • superconducting magnets: 18 T and 12 T
  • variable temperature inserts: 1.5 K to 300 K
  • He3 temperature insert: down to 0.3 K
  • equipment for AC and DC resistance measurement: Lock-in amplifiers, AC and DC current sources (e.g. Keithley 6221), nanovoltmenters (e.g. Keithley 181)