Monthly Archives: July 2019

Publication in Low Temperature Physics

A paper “Coulomb effects on thermally induced shuttling of spin-polarized electrons” was published in the journal Low Temperature Physics. Another paper in the field of NEMS presenting a joint research within the ASG “Spin-active electric weak links” group.

Publication in Physical Review B

D. Radić published a paper “Coulomb-promoted spintromechanics in magnetic shuttle devices” in the journal Physical Review B. This research was done in collaboration with the ASG “Spin-active electric weak links” group focused in particular to the influence of the Coulomb blockade (electron-electron interactions), i.e. electron parity, on the spin-active shuttle NEMS nanomechanics.

Work meeting with section Department of Physics University of Zagreb

Work meeting with section of the ASG collaboration 22.-29.6.2019. on Dept. of Physics UniZg. The research topic was coupling of nanomechanics to coherent tunneling of Cooper pairs in the NEMS and building of entangled Cooper pair box states with mechanical coherent states. The guesting scientists were Leonid Gorelik from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, Hee-Chul Park and Sangjun Choi from IBS, Korea and Nojoon Myoung from Chosun University, Korea.